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Everybody loves a good charity event. On a regular basis they are regarded as a wonderful experience, they get a lot of press coverage as they represent something worth supporting and being involved with.

You also see people of all ages, nationalities, ethnicities and socio- economic backgrounds participating happily.

Marathon, street runners  in spring day

At each event there are many parties are involved at different levels: there is the effort of the organizers and sponsors in materializing the whole operation from scratch, there is the effort of the charities that are desperate to fundraise in order to finance their good causes, the actual participants also contribute by gracing the event with their presence and paying a fee and finally you get to see their respective families and friends offering their deepest warmth and love to encourage the endurance, strength or speed prowess.

From this angle absolutely everything seems set in place for success and things fit together to complement each other’s role perfectly.

cancer awareness  cycling race or competition. ride for a good cause and charity

Therefore I wonder (after witnessing so many of those charity sports events) how is it possible that all too often I see people exerting themselves whilst displaying a complete lack of knowledge about sports technique, nutrition and hydration?

Easily one can tell the wise from the fool! Some can’t even breathe correctly or position their own bodies in an optimal way to reduce physical effort and maximize overall performance. These people basically don’t have a clue about what they are doing! They are nothing but sad, tragic characters! All too often they endanger themselves and others by injuring themselves, tripping and falling their way into the emergency services when that could easily have been prevented in the first place.

painful running injury

Every Monday morning you see the same parody in the office: people who carry a Cheshire smile greening at everything that moves around them, people who flaunt how much weight they lost recently, those who like to announce how exciting their weekend was and how gloriously smashed they were Friday evening, worse even are those who trumpet to the whole world just how they woke up early Sunday morning just to finish their project before deadline is over…imagine the level of their commitment to the employer!

Everyone is so happy it feels more like a cheap parody, a 3rd rate sitcom rather than natural behavior!!!

In the midst of the recession with worsening labour conditions and with mostly low level entry jobs available in the job market are people out there genuinely happy?

Give it a good think about this. In fact, employee’s welfare and wellbeing is top management’s last concern. These days it is all about cutting expenses, budgets and literally chopping stuff!

Things become even worse for most of us knowing that the workplace is becoming increasingly most central in our lives sometimes even bypassing family and social lives. The latter is where people reflect and project their work problems therefore it’s best to leave all your work issues in the office, otherwise anxiety, stress and pressure will overwhelm you.