You may not be aware but in the recent years there has been a strange and sinister phenomenon taking place almost unnoticed in the capital under most people’s radar.

This involves a certain Facebook group primarily set up by a foreign student teacher to showcase London to international students.

These days, the group has been taken over by prominently notorious members formed by retired men and women disturbingly hell bent on growing old disgracefully!

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If you are young and participate in the capital’s high profile cultural and artistic scene you have surely spoken to at least one of them unknowingly. The tragedy is that even if you do not wish to speak to them they will certainly come to you and try to impose themselves on you…

These characters are mostly white and 60+(with a few Asians thrown in it) retired or unemployed, windowers or divorced and their behaviour utterly depraved, shameless and starving for free booze, dosh and nookie…like scavengers!

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The Asian Art Week, the EBRD, art exhibitions, several reknown trade and consumer events, international cultural centres have all been favourite targets of their scavenging prowesses motivated by their eagerness to exploit and abuse the hosts generosity, courtesy, good will and act like sex pests… regardless of the nature of the event once the official reception starts.

One can notice how they surround and hog a generous table spread like vultures, barring access to other fellow guests waiting inside the actual reception room.

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Unfortunately this happens only too often in many high profile venues without anybody blinking an eye and not one single staff member of the host organization intervening or confronting them to stop the abuse, which sadly only spurs them on to pursue this sort of disgusting and appalling behavior in other places.