The reasonably fit and the super fit (not only those well prepared physically and mentally who train all year long as amateurs but also the obvious sports industry professionals) can be spotted a mile away as they just glide effortless through the entire event. These are the ones who cross the finish line fresh as daisies and recover fairly quickly too.

Women running on road in early morning

As for the others, most of them don’t perform so brilliantly as you can perfectly see at the very end their strained faces contorted with the agonizing pain of the compounded effort. In fact, everything about them tells you they got more than they bargained for. I can only imagine they actually left respective homes wearing a t-shirt and trainers thinking that alone would qualify them as fit for purpose.

This scenario seems unbelievable and surreal if you consider this country has sports bodies and authorities for everything and special grants programmes to create Olympic champions!

Feeling too much of the burn

That brings me to this following question: why is there nobody responsible for ensuring these participants at least check the level of fitness or wellbeing before the events takes place? Whys is there no one responsible to ensure these participants do a check up with their respective GPs?

In the recent years how many people have injured themselves or died while playing bravado, just dragging their exhausted feet towards the finish line? Where does the liability for their welfare lie? Is it the charities they are meant to be supporting? Is it the organizers? Is it the participants themselves?

Track Cycling Scene Stock Photo

In case it is the latter, then unfortunately the scenario is quite bleak…as the ignorance displayed, lack of discernment and pointless bravado are a toxic combination present in most participants who sadly can’t even identify the body signs of danger.

It is about time something is done to stop or prevent more tragedies from happening in the future.


Everybody loves a good charity event. On a regular basis they are regarded as a wonderful experience, they get a lot of press coverage as they represent something worth supporting and being involved with.

You also see people of all ages, nationalities, ethnicities and socio- economic backgrounds participating happily.

Marathon, street runners  in spring day

At each event there are many parties are involved at different levels: there is the effort of the organizers and sponsors in materializing the whole operation from scratch, there is the effort of the charities that are desperate to fundraise in order to finance their good causes, the actual participants also contribute by gracing the event with their presence and paying a fee and finally you get to see their respective families and friends offering their deepest warmth and love to encourage the endurance, strength or speed prowess.

From this angle absolutely everything seems set in place for success and things fit together to complement each other’s role perfectly.

cancer awareness  cycling race or competition. ride for a good cause and charity

Therefore I wonder (after witnessing so many of those charity sports events) how is it possible that all too often I see people exerting themselves whilst displaying a complete lack of knowledge about sports technique, nutrition and hydration?

Easily one can tell the wise from the fool! Some can’t even breathe correctly or position their own bodies in an optimal way to reduce physical effort and maximize overall performance. These people basically don’t have a clue about what they are doing! They are nothing but sad, tragic characters! All too often they endanger themselves and others by injuring themselves, tripping and falling their way into the emergency services when that could easily have been prevented in the first place.

painful running injury

Source: Employment Support Agencies

Since the day I first used the services of employment support agencies it always confused me the real purpose of their existence.

The demographics present there seem to be always the same. Those needing the service are working class, migrants and ethnic minorities from UK. Those who work in the premises are alike too. Obviously the middle and upper classes are absent for they seem to hoard the useful contacts that everybody is lacking of!

Jobless Claims Unemployment Benefits Stick Figure Pictogram Icons

Every time one goes there it is always the same drill and no progress achieved at all! They never want users who expect to be spoonfed, instead they encourage them to optimise the resources available in order to find employment… so that in the end, they can take credit for the job seeker’s individual efforts!

In the most deprived and grotty areas of the country such agencies only survive thanks to the European Social Fund more than any Council or Central Government grants. I feel quite curious to see how they will cope after Brexit as I suspect that they have no “legs to stand on”…

Someone 'signing on'

For the vast majority of those working inside such agencies, it’s just another way of making a living and the users are governmental statistics who fuel their survival by simply being out of work!

The disturbing part is that most of the time they don’t know what they are doing and seem like they are the ones who need help!

It is a mystery how they are placed there in the first place to advise, assist and motivate the unemployed because these “professionals” can’t even count, spell or articulate a sentence correctly. They have no formal qualifications or specific skills to work in this field.

Jobless man

Tragic is the fact that thousands of desperate job seekers use these pathetic agencies and rely on their services to improve their life prospects and somehow build a future.

Nobody should be robbed of hope but there is no point in being hopeful when you are in the wrong place dealing with the wrong “professionals”.


Source: Unfortunate International Students – Part lll

These youngsters have an incredibly strong work ethic, they inspire and encourage British students to work much harder but still have no psychological, emotional, physical, financial support or social network at their disposal.

If you consider the fact that they barely know the new country they find themselves in to study and they remain ignorant of the ways to navigate the system then you realize their chances of survival and accomplishing their endeavour are indeed minimal.


Behind they left a harsh place where there are no chances of decent employment, no hope of future of building a life altogether. On top of all, their families, friends and neighbours back home have placed a heavy burden on their shoulders in terms of responsibility and an obligation to succeed, regardless of circumstances, in meeting such high expectations.

Surely if the UK goes the extra mile to promote a world class education service on a global scale, it should also be able to do something in order to offer a safety net or support network when such cases arise.

Concept of science.

In the meanwhile, in the highly competitive academic environment existent everywhere, if you ever come across students like that do not dismiss them because they do not look fashionable, wealthy, trendy or as cool as the rest of the in-crowd.  You never know, they may just be far more interesting, talented, intelligent and hard working than you could possibly imagine.

Therefore do not hesitate to offer them some camaraderie, solidarity, humanity, compassion, assistance and understanding for their own challenging personal circumstances.

Group of Human Hands Holding Together Concept

To make things worse, international students are not entitled to apply for any emergency funds, loans, grants to help them alleviate the financial strain they are under so that they can devote them…

Source: Unfortunate International Students – Part ll