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One-upmanship is a word which describes a phenomenon in societies where the ignorant, untalented and mediocre are desperate to glorify themselves and feel important by degrading and abusing another person.

Comparing oneself constantly to other’s personal talents, qualities, capabilities, skills and lifestyle leads only to a path of pure misery and mindless jealousy. He who covets what others have and only feels happy by spreading misery to all those around them can never be in peace with himself!

I have lost track of how many people I came across using the most ignorant, absurd and disturbing statements just to big themselves up. Self aggrandissement and one upmanship go hand in hand. Unfortunately some people cannot feel good about themselves unless they can knock somebody else down by all means possible.

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If you consider the industries and that the economy needs constant new blood to bring innovative ideas, to revolutionalise processes and techniques…how will change be allowed to take place when the current status quo facilitates the mediocre at the top of the pyramid?

Sadly this is the tragic phenomenon happening everywhere and few individuals even and approach the issue.

Right now only 20% of UK managers have any formal university qualification and as studies have proven they do recruit in their own image, common practice in order to protect their own position within the company.

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Consequently they will recruit someone non threatening, untalented who definitely will not rock the boat, while dismissing far better candidates with a lot more to offer…far above and beyond the organizational needs.

This tragic loss of talent and waste of human capital practiced on a grand scale is a disturbing phenomenon that eventually sends shock waves throughout the fledging economy.

At this stage the UK is lagging behind all other developed nations in the western world. UK productivity is roughly 27.3%, 35 percentage points lower than France, Germany and the USA.

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Since the day I first used the services of employment support agencies it always confused me the real purpose of their existence.

The demographics present there seem to be always the same. Those needing the service are working class, migrants and ethnic minorities from UK. Those who work in the premises are alike too. Obviously the middle and upper classes are absent for they seem to hoard the useful contacts that everybody is lacking of!

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Every time one goes there it is always the same drill and no progress achieved at all! They never want users who expect to be spoonfed, instead they encourage them to optimise the resources available in order to find employment… so that in the end, they can take credit for the job seeker’s individual efforts!

In the most deprived and grotty areas of the country such agencies only survive thanks to the European Social Fund more than any Council or Central Government grants. I feel quite curious to see how they will cope after Brexit as I suspect that they have no “legs to stand on”…

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For the vast majority of those working inside such agencies, it’s just another way of making a living and the users are governmental statistics who fuel their survival by simply being out of work!

The disturbing part is that most of the time they don’t know what they are doing and seem like they are the ones who need help!

It is a mystery how they are placed there in the first place to advise, assist and motivate the unemployed because these “professionals” can’t even count, spell or articulate a sentence correctly. They have no formal qualifications or specific skills to work in this field.

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Tragic is the fact that thousands of desperate job seekers use these pathetic agencies and rely on their services to improve their life prospects and somehow build a future.

Nobody should be robbed of hope but there is no point in being hopeful when you are in the wrong place dealing with the wrong “professionals”.