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There are sad old women involved in this notorious group as well and they don’t hold themselves back either.

What is even more disturbing is the way these skint, repulsive and grotesque old folks prey on young people as sharks looking for an easy prey.

Repeatedly I witnessed them taking turns to approach especially single women (present there on their own) to extract personal information that later they would then relay and share with the other group members.

Funny nerd

These old scavengers study and observe their targets carefully before making a move. They start conversations in a friendly and innocent manner until the moment they decide to harass to get your personal contact details or invite a woman (old enough to be their daughter) to step outside the venue to basically pounce on the prey!

Amongst themselves they act like a mafia and take turns in approaching the female prey individually, each one using a different technique but always with the same intention.

Mafia Gang

I still find it impossible to believe that none of the organizers have noticed that their venues are attracting such rogue low class people who obviously belong in the “red light district” but remain passive throughout.

I wonder if the venues are so desperate to place “bums on seats” at any cost as it is obvious to any discerning person what sleazy group these old folks are all about.

The venues have the authority to act in order to bar such corrupt and depraved individuals from entering their premises. The venues can also address the issue using the right to reserve entrance.

Smiling man wearing clothing from the 60s

Unfortunately, until some drastic measure is taken to amend this sad state of affairs, I suggest that other guests and visitors who attend those events be well accompanied.

Single women specially, should take a nice bunch of friends, work mates, relatives or a partner to avoid being distressed by the repeated unwanted sexual advances of such creepy, sleazy old folks in the capital’s most prestigious cultural and artistic venues.


Since the beginning of the recession massive jobs cuts took place in every sector and the economy gradually sank into deep trouble.

People turned towards self employment, volunteering, work placements and internships as potential constructive alternatives.

Now with the Brexit uncertainty is back looming in the air and people fear the worst before things may eventually get better.

Recession Recovery signpost

As everybody knows by now, both work placements and internships have been notoriously in the media for the wrong reasons.

Many have voiced openly for both to be scrapped completely as they only seem accessible for the wealthy offspring of well connected families.

In addition, many companies sign up for work placement programmes only so they can get the government’s grants. Unfortunately a significant proportion of BME and migrant population are systematically exploited, abused and rejected under such programmes… as many union bodies have already exposed the dark scenario openly.

With volunteering, a risk has been taken to drive it to almost form a substitute for the State social responsibilities (remember the big society concept?), instead of providing a simple complement to its primary role.

Diverse Hands Holding The Word Volunteer

The idea alone of relying on volunteers to take over the State’s responsibilities in terms of providing vital services to society’s vulnerable members just to cut back on expenses is like threading on dangerous ground.

People volunteer out of the goodness of their hearts for a certain period of time but they simply cannot volunteer forever! They have their own personal lives and other obligations too.

Anyway, since the beginning of the recession as the jobs became scarce, more and more people fell into desperate situations and start to regard volunteering as a way to step into paid employment again.

Unfortunately many were simply taken for granted, pressured, deceived, exploited and abused, so much so they would not recommend it to anybody they know. I have learned of several horror stories about people volunteering for more than a year and still not being offered a role in the organization!?

Large foot about to tramp a row of people

Ultimately this is exactly where volunteering goes wrong as it abuses the good will of people who just end up being regarded as basically quick, disposable, cheap labour.

Volunteering does not have to be like this! Done correctly it contributes towards enhancing one’s life and society as well.

There is a valid need to re-habilitate the true meaning of volunteering and regain the trust of people in a constructive and appropriate manner. The sooner this happens the better for all those involved.


Last year London was granted the honour of being the European Capital of Europe. Consequently several events and activities took place throughout the year to mark the auspicious occasion.

Volunteering has had a massive impact in the UK for many generations and the charity sector has through the years stepped in to complement the role of the State working in tandem.

In general, the public, private and charity sectors staff have always been encouraged to volunteer and many do so with great joy.

Volunteering word cloud, heart concept

According to experts, volunteering contributes towards social cohesion, psychological and physical wellbeing, developing more knowledge, skills and experience. It also boosts one’s self esteem, independence and personal confidence.

Altogether this wonderful combination of elements should equip and assist the volunteer in stepping up to a new or better job in the near future.

I have come across some people in well paid full time jobs, performing demanding roles whilst facing hostile working environments who take great pleasure in volunteering as they find it extremely rewarding and healing.

Chalkboard writing: volunteer at work

For them it becomes a way of maintaining their own sanity, bringing a balance to their own personal life and nurture meaningful rapports with people outside their usual social  circles they would not meet otherwise in a healthy and constructive way.

I guess this could be regarded as a positive way of detoxing after leaving a hostile office culture behind.

Hand design vector.
It has been proven that doing good is actually wonderful for both the provider of the good deed as well as the recipient.

It actually releases endorphins, providing you with a sense of pride and self-fulfilment just for helping someone else in need

 In some nations around the world people go to work to make a living. They have a life outside work and they make time for personal leisure, their family and social circles.

London however remains fiercely different. Once you start working in the capital all that framework disappears and everything changes.

First you notice that in the capital life is generally geared towards work as the country’s main engine room. You almost don’t want to believe it but soon realize that in fact people live to work!

The company they work for and the job title will gradually define their social identity and shape their own notion of self-worth.

Business People Working in an Office

On a daily basis things are extremely blurry as people go to work to share every aspect of their lives, perform a role play and the office becomes their stage…basically a freak show!  More often than not people discuss their sex lives openly, medical issues, marriage breakdowns, divorce proceedings and the cat’s visits to the vet!…All this takes place while the city delivers “professional services” to the rest of the global economy!

The problems arise when they believe their actions are normalized and think everybody else should be doing the same as themselves. Quite often I noticed that those who seem desperate to find out personal information about fellow colleagues are the worst offenders and trouble makers. Their biggest talent lies in distorting facts and fabricating “truths” and unbiased rumours about people’s lives in order to proceed with character assassination and destruct one’s careers prospects at work.

Not surprising they are also the most frustrated and repressed people of all who go to work just to take their own personal failures on others and often rejoice in causing misery to others.

Open hand raised, Poisonous sign painted

In order to survive in this working culture I kindly would suggest the following:

  • creating a personal life outside work without “work mates”,
  • detaching psychologically and physically from work as soon as you leave the office,
  • making a genuine effort to spend quality time with family members,
  • engaging in constructive activities with significant friends,
  • nurturing yourself completely and healthily.

Wellness sign with wooden cubes

This way you’ll have memorable experiences to store in your own “memory bank” for posterity, “to infinity and beyond”…

All those who live to work and centre their basic existence around the workplace will sooner or later feel true disappointment. Instead of leading meaningful lives they live vapid lives as they make no effort to enjoy the fruits of their own labour. Always working and networking is basically a nonsense approach to life!

As soon as the recession started people lost their jobs, wives, girlfriends, homes, professional status, social identities and social support networks. That alone provided a lesson for many but it seems that unfortunately people have short memories.

Hygge is a chance to slow down but without becoming completely still. You just live in the moment and enjoy it thoroughly. You almost feel like a retired senior citizen, so slow down to live a better life.

What a contrast this is to the former popular view that having a good time meant regularly going out on the “lash”, getting wasted in alcohol and drugs, engaging in high risk behavior, waking up half naked and confused in a strange part of town having already lost the credit card, house keys and knickers as well !!!

Hangover Stock Photo

The whole concept of hygge stops you from derailing into such toxic habits and guides you towards a better version of yourself, more connected to your inner self.

How else can one find tranquility in a pressurized and compressed urban jungle, where everybody is constantly at each other’s throat, never satisfied with whatever they have and always striving to achieve more, always pushing and shoving their way forcibly to get 1 step ahead of others and forever procrastinating on why your colleague got a bigger bonus than yourself.

Man on top of skyscraper

A lot of people are now discovering too that hygge and mindfulness are basically “partners in crime” as both induce you to be self compassionate, self nurturing and fully present and focused on that specific moment, therefore no more checking emails or taking calls during family and social gatherings.

Basically hygge requires you to wake up and smell the coffee or….should I say FIKA!

Now this is Art!

These days the word hygge is everywhere and is being used to almost saturation levels.

Is that bad at all? Let’s explore the topic now.

Right now it does seem like the Vikings are back again in the UK but now with a different peaceful mission to educate the Brits about a better quality of life… without breaking the piggy bank!

At a first glance it does seem like the true meaning of the word itself goes against the popular cultural habits of this native population.

cocktail dog

If you consider looking back to pre-recession days how people enjoyed boasting about the vast sums spent on expensive drinks and food, extravagant holidays, extreme consumption, bottox sessions ( on credit of course!), etc…Hygge channels people to the extreme opposite direction.

It is not just a different life style but also a change of mindset!

I can’t even begin to imagine anybody even noticing the meaning of hygge in the pre-recession days or attributing any value to it.

Family Of Four Stock Photo

It’s biggest accomplishment is to bring people back to basics in order to value living less stressed lives, appreciating all the existent material possessions without coveting more or envying what others have, cherishing precious family and social moments, investing quality time doing things you truly love in a healthy, constructive and safe manner.

For example, lit up candles, read a good book, sit with a warm blanket by the fireplace, drink a hot chocolate with a delicious cinnamon bun.

It is simply remarkable, surreal and unbelievable that the trend of eating clean has really taken up in the UK in the recent years !It is also singular to learn what has is generally classified as clean eating in the first place.
The fact that somebody decided to label the habit of eating fresh, healthy ingredients, cooked from scratch in a simple way as eating clean is something I still struggle to come to terms with.

preparing food
In many countries out there (developed and less developed) that is only part of daily living and nobody even considers fuelling their own body system in any other way.
In Italy for example, the Slow Food movement has advocated for the consumption of local traditional dishes, seasonal fresh produce for the past 30 years, yet only recently the Brits discovered the beauty of that meaning…thanks to the US health freak induced influence.
I still remember the shock and gasps that I innocently caused to my fellow housemates when I first arrived in the country. This for simply cooking healthy meals from scratch every day, eating fresh, seasonal ingredients each time…even though I was studying and working as working but earning a pauper’s wage!

Woman in the kitchen
I guess for them I was an alien who refused to be addicted to their toxic lifestyle, junk food, take away curries and cheap lagger. The level of suspicion, rumours and prejudice triggered by my delicious smoothies and healthy meals was such that I started to regard their reactions as pure envy. They simply did not know how to cook and they did not know how to eat either!
Studies have proven that youngsters in London regularly enjoy eating out ( which does boost the leisure economy) because they do not know how to cook! In many cultures, cooking and eating in a balanced way itself are a true form of art that people dedicate themselves to and aim at constant self- development.

I suspect that concept will take a lot more time to sink in the minds of the fattest nation in Europe. Right now the bloggers and vloggers are doing the government a huge favour by educating, inspiring and guiding the national population towards a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle.

Heart shaped display of green, red healthy foods
God knows that alone will save a lot of grief to the NHS obesity black list of patients. I only hope the trend will become far more than just a trend. It needs to remain part of people’s subconscience in order to change their personal attitudes, behavior and lifestyle on a longer term basis.
Those who have taken the first steps towards positive change now need to stop being lazy in order to motivate themselves to cook regularly from scratch and program their brains so that this becomes the new way forwards after leaving behind the toxic habits of the past.