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One-upmanship is a word which describes a phenomenon in societies where the ignorant, untalented and mediocre are desperate to glorify themselves and feel important by degrading and abusing another person.

Comparing oneself constantly to other’s personal talents, qualities, capabilities, skills and lifestyle leads only to a path of pure misery and mindless jealousy. He who covets what others have and only feels happy by spreading misery to all those around them can never be in peace with himself!

I have lost track of how many people I came across using the most ignorant, absurd and disturbing statements just to big themselves up. Self aggrandissement and one upmanship go hand in hand. Unfortunately some people cannot feel good about themselves unless they can knock somebody else down by all means possible.

concept psychologie : I love me, estime de soi

If you consider the industries and that the economy needs constant new blood to bring innovative ideas, to revolutionalise processes and techniques…how will change be allowed to take place when the current status quo facilitates the mediocre at the top of the pyramid?

Sadly this is the tragic phenomenon happening everywhere and few individuals even and approach the issue.

Right now only 20% of UK managers have any formal university qualification and as studies have proven they do recruit in their own image, common practice in order to protect their own position within the company.

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Consequently they will recruit someone non threatening, untalented who definitely will not rock the boat, while dismissing far better candidates with a lot more to offer…far above and beyond the organizational needs.

This tragic loss of talent and waste of human capital practiced on a grand scale is a disturbing phenomenon that eventually sends shock waves throughout the fledging economy.

At this stage the UK is lagging behind all other developed nations in the western world. UK productivity is roughly 27.3%, 35 percentage points lower than France, Germany and the USA.

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There are sad old women involved in this notorious group as well and they don’t hold themselves back either.

What is even more disturbing is the way these skint, repulsive and grotesque old folks prey on young people as sharks looking for an easy prey.

Repeatedly I witnessed them taking turns to approach especially single women (present there on their own) to extract personal information that later they would then relay and share with the other group members.

Funny nerd

These old scavengers study and observe their targets carefully before making a move. They start conversations in a friendly and innocent manner until the moment they decide to harass to get your personal contact details or invite a woman (old enough to be their daughter) to step outside the venue to basically pounce on the prey!

Amongst themselves they act like a mafia and take turns in approaching the female prey individually, each one using a different technique but always with the same intention.

Mafia Gang

I still find it impossible to believe that none of the organizers have noticed that their venues are attracting such rogue low class people who obviously belong in the “red light district” but remain passive throughout.

I wonder if the venues are so desperate to place “bums on seats” at any cost as it is obvious to any discerning person what sleazy group these old folks are all about.

The venues have the authority to act in order to bar such corrupt and depraved individuals from entering their premises. The venues can also address the issue using the right to reserve entrance.

Smiling man wearing clothing from the 60s

Unfortunately, until some drastic measure is taken to amend this sad state of affairs, I suggest that other guests and visitors who attend those events be well accompanied.

Single women specially, should take a nice bunch of friends, work mates, relatives or a partner to avoid being distressed by the repeated unwanted sexual advances of such creepy, sleazy old folks in the capital’s most prestigious cultural and artistic venues.


You may not be aware but in the recent years there has been a strange and sinister phenomenon taking place almost unnoticed in the capital under most people’s radar.

This involves a certain Facebook group primarily set up by a foreign student teacher to showcase London to international students.

These days, the group has been taken over by prominently notorious members formed by retired men and women disturbingly hell bent on growing old disgracefully!

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If you are young and participate in the capital’s high profile cultural and artistic scene you have surely spoken to at least one of them unknowingly. The tragedy is that even if you do not wish to speak to them they will certainly come to you and try to impose themselves on you…

These characters are mostly white and 60+(with a few Asians thrown in it) retired or unemployed, windowers or divorced and their behaviour utterly depraved, shameless and starving for free booze, dosh and nookie…like scavengers!

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The Asian Art Week, the EBRD, art exhibitions, several reknown trade and consumer events, international cultural centres have all been favourite targets of their scavenging prowesses motivated by their eagerness to exploit and abuse the hosts generosity, courtesy, good will and act like sex pests… regardless of the nature of the event once the official reception starts.

One can notice how they surround and hog a generous table spread like vultures, barring access to other fellow guests waiting inside the actual reception room.

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Unfortunately this happens only too often in many high profile venues without anybody blinking an eye and not one single staff member of the host organization intervening or confronting them to stop the abuse, which sadly only spurs them on to pursue this sort of disgusting and appalling behavior in other places.


 In some nations around the world people go to work to make a living. They have a life outside work and they make time for personal leisure, their family and social circles.

London however remains fiercely different. Once you start working in the capital all that framework disappears and everything changes.

First you notice that in the capital life is generally geared towards work as the country’s main engine room. You almost don’t want to believe it but soon realize that in fact people live to work!

The company they work for and the job title will gradually define their social identity and shape their own notion of self-worth.

Business People Working in an Office

On a daily basis things are extremely blurry as people go to work to share every aspect of their lives, perform a role play and the office becomes their stage…basically a freak show!  More often than not people discuss their sex lives openly, medical issues, marriage breakdowns, divorce proceedings and the cat’s visits to the vet!…All this takes place while the city delivers “professional services” to the rest of the global economy!

The problems arise when they believe their actions are normalized and think everybody else should be doing the same as themselves. Quite often I noticed that those who seem desperate to find out personal information about fellow colleagues are the worst offenders and trouble makers. Their biggest talent lies in distorting facts and fabricating “truths” and unbiased rumours about people’s lives in order to proceed with character assassination and destruct one’s careers prospects at work.

Not surprising they are also the most frustrated and repressed people of all who go to work just to take their own personal failures on others and often rejoice in causing misery to others.

Open hand raised, Poisonous sign painted

In order to survive in this working culture I kindly would suggest the following:

  • creating a personal life outside work without “work mates”,
  • detaching psychologically and physically from work as soon as you leave the office,
  • making a genuine effort to spend quality time with family members,
  • engaging in constructive activities with significant friends,
  • nurturing yourself completely and healthily.

Wellness sign with wooden cubes

This way you’ll have memorable experiences to store in your own “memory bank” for posterity, “to infinity and beyond”…

All those who live to work and centre their basic existence around the workplace will sooner or later feel true disappointment. Instead of leading meaningful lives they live vapid lives as they make no effort to enjoy the fruits of their own labour. Always working and networking is basically a nonsense approach to life!

As soon as the recession started people lost their jobs, wives, girlfriends, homes, professional status, social identities and social support networks. That alone provided a lesson for many but it seems that unfortunately people have short memories.

Hygge is a chance to slow down but without becoming completely still. You just live in the moment and enjoy it thoroughly. You almost feel like a retired senior citizen, so slow down to live a better life.

What a contrast this is to the former popular view that having a good time meant regularly going out on the “lash”, getting wasted in alcohol and drugs, engaging in high risk behavior, waking up half naked and confused in a strange part of town having already lost the credit card, house keys and knickers as well !!!

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The whole concept of hygge stops you from derailing into such toxic habits and guides you towards a better version of yourself, more connected to your inner self.

How else can one find tranquility in a pressurized and compressed urban jungle, where everybody is constantly at each other’s throat, never satisfied with whatever they have and always striving to achieve more, always pushing and shoving their way forcibly to get 1 step ahead of others and forever procrastinating on why your colleague got a bigger bonus than yourself.

Man on top of skyscraper

A lot of people are now discovering too that hygge and mindfulness are basically “partners in crime” as both induce you to be self compassionate, self nurturing and fully present and focused on that specific moment, therefore no more checking emails or taking calls during family and social gatherings.

Basically hygge requires you to wake up and smell the coffee or….should I say FIKA!

Now this is Art!

These days the word hygge is everywhere and is being used to almost saturation levels.

Is that bad at all? Let’s explore the topic now.

Right now it does seem like the Vikings are back again in the UK but now with a different peaceful mission to educate the Brits about a better quality of life… without breaking the piggy bank!

At a first glance it does seem like the true meaning of the word itself goes against the popular cultural habits of this native population.

cocktail dog

If you consider looking back to pre-recession days how people enjoyed boasting about the vast sums spent on expensive drinks and food, extravagant holidays, extreme consumption, bottox sessions ( on credit of course!), etc…Hygge channels people to the extreme opposite direction.

It is not just a different life style but also a change of mindset!

I can’t even begin to imagine anybody even noticing the meaning of hygge in the pre-recession days or attributing any value to it.

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It’s biggest accomplishment is to bring people back to basics in order to value living less stressed lives, appreciating all the existent material possessions without coveting more or envying what others have, cherishing precious family and social moments, investing quality time doing things you truly love in a healthy, constructive and safe manner.

For example, lit up candles, read a good book, sit with a warm blanket by the fireplace, drink a hot chocolate with a delicious cinnamon bun.

Like the famous Waitrose Xmas ad there are many people who journeyed high and low to reach home safe and sound just in time for Xmas.

Robin in the Snow

Some have indeed rejoined happy functional families while others feel so miserable at the prospect of seeing those familiar faces that they countdown for things to be over with great delight. The level of stress, tension and bickering and feuds involved in family reunions is simply not worth it.

In the UK, shortly after Xmas, a huge deluge in divorce proceedings takes place regularly and many people also decide to quit their jobs just to re-freshen their lives.

Others however are alone for Xmas because of old age, illness, disability or homelessness. In such cases, thankfully the charities take over in order to provide a relief for their needs.

However the fact remains that, in general London is a lonely place all year long. So much so that, in fact being lonely has become a chosen lifestyle form for many.

Alone in a Crowd

Usually all year long there are so many things happening in one single day all over town that it almost overwhelms you.

This leads me to the following question: is one supposed to stay at home and miss all the fun because of the lack of good company or a formal invitation?…Of course not!!! You just get up and go!! That is part of the British bulldog spirit!

There are also people in vulnerable situations who gather in community centres and celebrate the festivities together.

Sadly some migrants however are basically driven to spend Xmas alone.

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Let me expand: on one side they are expected in their home nations by financially struggling families that only crave the money they bring back and a luggage full of goodies bought at someone else’s expense.

On the other side, the migrants face constant hostility, rejection, abuse, degradation and exploitation at the hands of the general population (specially employers) in the host country that chose to move into.

Lucky are those who arrived in the UK having a strong family structure and a good social support network. For others however, Xmas and New Year are the worst time of the year for it can cause an excruciating and agonizing period of extreme loneliness that they are simply lead to accept.

Do spare a minute of silence for all those less fortunate than yourself.