These youngsters have an incredibly strong work ethic, they inspire and encourage British students to work much harder but still have no psychological, emotional, physical, financial support or social network at their disposal.

If you consider the fact that they barely know the new country they find themselves in to study and they remain ignorant of the ways to navigate the system then you realize their chances of survival and accomplishing their endeavour are indeed minimal.


Behind they left a harsh place where there are no chances of decent employment, no hope of future of building a life altogether. On top of all, their families, friends and neighbours back home have placed a heavy burden on their shoulders in terms of responsibility and an obligation to succeed, regardless of circumstances, in meeting such high expectations.

Surely if the UK goes the extra mile to promote a world class education service on a global scale, it should also be able to do something in order to offer a safety net or support network when such cases arise.

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In the meanwhile, in the highly competitive academic environment existent everywhere, if you ever come across students like that do not dismiss them because they do not look fashionable, wealthy, trendy or as cool as the rest of the in-crowd.  You never know, they may just be far more interesting, talented, intelligent and hard working than you could possibly imagine.

Therefore do not hesitate to offer them some camaraderie, solidarity, humanity, compassion, assistance and understanding for their own challenging personal circumstances.

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