To make things worse, international students are not entitled to apply for any emergency funds, loans, grants to help them alleviate the financial strain they are under so that they can devote themselves completely to their education.

On top of finding themselves already feeling the pressure of being alone away from home, they become desperate for any sort of employment and place themselves at risk. Too often too many of them find themselves being exploited, abused and degraded at the hands of unscrupulous employers all over the country.

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Others have plenty of horror stories of struggling to find any decent accommodation. For example, given London’s housing crisis, sub-standard rooms to let have become the norm and the naïve and inexperienced students are not knowledgeable about health and safety issues, national legislation, their own rights, the landlord’s duties and responsibilities and which channels to use in order to fight their own corner.

Many international students end up losing their initial deposit due to ignorance and inexperience, as well being thrown out of their precarious and illegal accommodation without previous warning or any justification.

Some international students also end up paying up front exorbitant fees to fictitious colleges in the UK and only when they arrive at their destination to study they finally realize they have been taken for the most expensive ride of their entire lives!

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Unfortunately they do not know which channels to use or who to appeal to either… only a lack of regulation in the national system in the UK enables such tragedies to happen in the first instance.

Others arrive in the UK to discover their sub- standard university is nothing but a grotty rented flat in a rotting building in a deprived area somewhere in the country.