Every year the UK welcomes students from all over the world. In general most people associate international students with wealthy and prosperous families, e.g., sons and daughters of industrialists, tycoons, aristocratic, diplomatic and royal families constantly enjoying in the “dolce vita” in the most exclusive locations available.

The truth is that these youngsters are exactly the ones who grease the wheels of UK’s economy by the standards of consumption and excess they engage with great enthusiasm and abandon.

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However, there is on the opposite side of the coin another type of international student in town that few people bother to meet, remember or even acknowledge.

These are the youngsters whose humble and under privileged families sacrificed and spared every single penny they had so that they could send their offspring abroad in order to get a world class education in the UK.

This is done hoping that once the education is completed the youngster will benefit from a steady good job and contribute towards the survival of the family.

Education is the Key to Success

There is a substantial number of international students just like in the UK and they come from southern and eastern Europe, China, Nigeria, Nepal, India and the list goes on…unfortunately they were not awarded any study grant in their native country and after paying the course fees up front, they barely have enough money to live on.

Once in the UK they are completely alone and left to their own devices and they meet a completely different educational system to the one they were used to all their lives. They find themselves constantly being tested to the limit and it takes sheer grit, incredible resilience and real surviving skills to overcome all the obstacles that life throws at them.

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