It is simply remarkable, surreal and unbelievable that the trend of eating clean has really taken up in the UK in the recent years !It is also singular to learn what has is generally classified as clean eating in the first place.
The fact that somebody decided to label the habit of eating fresh, healthy ingredients, cooked from scratch in a simple way as eating clean is something I still struggle to come to terms with.

preparing food
In many countries out there (developed and less developed) that is only part of daily living and nobody even considers fuelling their own body system in any other way.
In Italy for example, the Slow Food movement has advocated for the consumption of local traditional dishes, seasonal fresh produce for the past 30 years, yet only recently the Brits discovered the beauty of that meaning…thanks to the US health freak induced influence.
I still remember the shock and gasps that I innocently caused to my fellow housemates when I first arrived in the country. This for simply cooking healthy meals from scratch every day, eating fresh, seasonal ingredients each time…even though I was studying and working as working but earning a pauper’s wage!

Woman in the kitchen
I guess for them I was an alien who refused to be addicted to their toxic lifestyle, junk food, take away curries and cheap lagger. The level of suspicion, rumours and prejudice triggered by my delicious smoothies and healthy meals was such that I started to regard their reactions as pure envy. They simply did not know how to cook and they did not know how to eat either!
Studies have proven that youngsters in London regularly enjoy eating out ( which does boost the leisure economy) because they do not know how to cook! In many cultures, cooking and eating in a balanced way itself are a true form of art that people dedicate themselves to and aim at constant self- development.

I suspect that concept will take a lot more time to sink in the minds of the fattest nation in Europe. Right now the bloggers and vloggers are doing the government a huge favour by educating, inspiring and guiding the national population towards a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle.

Heart shaped display of green, red healthy foods
God knows that alone will save a lot of grief to the NHS obesity black list of patients. I only hope the trend will become far more than just a trend. It needs to remain part of people’s subconscience in order to change their personal attitudes, behavior and lifestyle on a longer term basis.
Those who have taken the first steps towards positive change now need to stop being lazy in order to motivate themselves to cook regularly from scratch and program their brains so that this becomes the new way forwards after leaving behind the toxic habits of the past.