For all those out there who live in a mostly mono cultural place where there are only citizens belonging to the same nationality or culture  this piece may come to you as a shock.

Whenever there is a world cup, London a.k.a global village is the best place to be in the planet!

In this city where at times there is unbearable tension, challenging pressure, overwhelming  stress, ruthless prejudice, painful discrimination and serious confrontation between people of all sorts of backgrounds events such as the world cup help to heal the wounds and actually bring people together even more.

As I write this, 41.000 Portuguese, 53.000 Australians, 62.000 Ghanaians, 66.000 Frenchmen, 37.000 Iranians, 35.000 Iranians and 114,000 Nigerians are sharing the same urban jungle and eagerly awaiting the start of the world cup.

I noticed through the years that at the beginning they all support their own national teams and disregard the opposition, but as the cup goes on and some teams are eventually eliminated those individuals who share the same continental backgrounds (Latin America, Africa or Asia) start to show solidarity to each other and wish well for the last remaining team(s) that is still playing the beautiful game. They are looking for someone worthy to represent them at the crucial last stages.

It is quite a show worthy of an audience: you see Mexicans, Argentinians and Brazilians together at the same community centre, coffee shop or pub rooting for the last survivors who ultimately represent their roots. It is as if Argentinians and Brazlians can finally bury the hatchet and reconcile over football for even a short while. The Africans will also proceed the same way with the same “joie de vivre”, spirit and rhythm.

Everywhere you will see people (who before would never speak to each other) greet each other and ask the latest results of the same game, celebrating the victories and sharing the grief of loss in a rather humane way.

For those who never visited, studied, worked or lived in London….this is a scary cosmopolitan centre where most people do not know their own neighbours nor do they wish to, they hardly see their own family, never  ever smile or speak to anybody in public transports.

They just live to work, office life is the only life they have and when they are not working, well they network!

Basically the workplace is the centre of the universe for the rat-race characters.

Therefore being completely disconnected from the social fabric becomes the acceptable norm.

The world cup encourages the residents of this cosmopolitan giant to display a vast range of genuine felt emotions along with an array of flags from every participant nation.

People wear scarves on the day of the games and chant national anthems in an outburst of joy and pubs are generally busier than the local church bursting with people from every seam.

Welcome to the world cup and let the beautiful game start.

Bring it on!!!