Only recently I spent a weekend afternoon locked up in a gorgeous, spacious, clean kitchen at a local community centre.

I know this is not every body’s  “cup of tea” nor a generally accepted idea of how best to spend your free time on a lovely summery weekend.

Nevertheless, I must admit it that I adventured into it as taking a step into the unknown and it turned out to be the most surreal, amusing and lively experience that I have had.

The entire concept of this cooking course revolved around the idea of local residents taking part in a multicultural cooking course where each session is led by competent culinary members of a certain ethnic group to teach you how to prepare tasty dishes healthily.

During those few hours I spent there I worked in a team with another man and got along just well mucking in every single task with free spirit.

It was also surprising to see people of all nationalities, ethnicities, religions and age groups all gathered in one place with the shared appetite for cooking different types of dishes from other cultures.

Thankfully, all the products and materials used during the session were already provided free of charge.

To my amazement, this also revealed itself as an unusual way to familiarize yourself with people in your local area who you always see but never speak to. By the way, it is an excellent way for men to impress women with their cooking skills in the kitchen.

Overall it was educational, relaxing, constructive, entertaining, healthy socializing and at times even hilarious!

Do try to get involved in such projects if you ever get the chance and let me know the outcome.