Apparently February is not just famous for accommodating Valentine’s day.

Recently a poll was carried out regarding staff’s absence at work and 3rd February was revealed to be UK’s unofficial national sickie day.

This year alone 375,000 British workers took the day off costing employers 30 million pounds.

Colds and viruses were the common excuse but some people can be very unique and creative in that area:

–          A woman had the audacity to ring the office to claim that she was too busy trying for a baby.

–          A driver did not show up to work claiming he was “over the limit”.

–          A woman rang to say she had been play fighting with her boyfriend and hurt her finger thus not being able to work.

–          A man said he only had one pair of work trousers and these were wet because his mum had just washed them.

–          One person complained the weather was so poor to cycle he could not cycle to work at all.

–          Another said they needed new tyres on their car and it would otherwise be illegal for them to drive to work.

–          An unfortunate employee texted saying he was sick because he had been dog-sitting his mum’s puppy and it had kept him up all night howling. Of course this did not go down too well with the two senior managers who happened to be mothers of small chidren.

–          The best one was when a certain employee took leave after claiming his grandfather had died. Now the company’s HR knew the family and casually met granpa alive and kicking shopping in the supermarket…guess who was dismissed?!

The general situation is not helped by the fact that more employers accept text messages and emails as confirmation of staff’s absence…thus becoming easier to stay under the duvet on a work day.

These days the trend of throwing sickies is growing, afterall the lenghtening of working hours, unpaid extra hours late in the office, staff resentment, lack of acknowledgement and appreciation, added to the increased trend of redundancies only contributes to poor morale and working conditions for the remaining general office staff… nevertheless the length of time off work is falling fast.

What about you? Do you have any surreal, unusual, crazy, funny stories to tell about calling in sick during a working week? Please do share them and make someone laugh.