Happy New Year Fellow Bloggers !!!

To all who have missed my presence on the blogging universe lately….I have a piece of news.

It is a good news as well. In the past few months I have been thoroughly engaged and committed in preparing the world premiere of my online etsy shop.

True, in the recent months I have spent a lot of time, energy and resources preparing my genuine handmade crafts in order to post them online.

Now it has been my occupation in the recent weeks to let the entire planet know about this deed starting with my family members, circle of friends, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbours, their cats, dogs and birds too!

The most tragic decision I made was to actually post the good news on my Linkedln network newsfeed. Guess what happened? Out of 350 contacts and to my dismay only 7 (yes, 7 guys and gals) actually bothered to read it!

To make things worse, I decided not to be ignored and spent a few hours emailing EACH one of them with a very kind, polite and friendly message to inform them of my good news.

At this moment I just wished I had never, ever, ever, ever done it!

Not only they ignored me again (as NOBODY even looked into my online shop or my listings of products available) but they also decided to get nasty.

To add insult to injury I got a couple of replies stating that I should remove myself from their contact list, I should not use LinkedIn to make direct sales, I was sending them spam and some even went into my profile just to see who the hell was the nutter harassing them with such mediocre message content?! Suddenly I was made to feel like a “persona non grata”!!!

I must tell you now that these 350 individuals are well paid professionals (hopefully mentally stable as well) who have the financial power and more money than good sense to spend their fat salaries on!

Maybe they do not know what is the value of handmade products carefully designed and handcrafted…because they are used to the Primark mentality (use and dispose within a week or month if you are that lucky!).

It just happens that my handmade goods last forever and things that I have created and handmade since school days are still immaculate and pristine.

Therefore I invite all bloggers with good taste, common sense and solidarity to visit my online shop on etsy and tell all your friends, family members, contacts and your enemies too!

Do show some good will and assist in spreading the word!

That is all I am asking ….and you don’t even have to buy anything right now.

I just want you to visit my online shop, see the products listed and show some appreciation if you like something.

Please find the link below: