How does anyone save time in current times?

Time management is the first thought that comes to people’s mind these days and quite often it simply de motivates them.

The fact is that it does not involve a lot of effort at all and with a little practice you can get further than you would ever expect.

If you just take the process slowly step by step then the accumulation of the small changes will bring a significant change.

This is a simple list of tips:

1-      When you see your full desk in-tray instead of rummaging through all the papers, just lift the top item in the box and deal with the matter. Once that is done simply move on to the next document.  Avoid going over and over again through piles of paper trying to choose which one to go for each time.

2-      I am sure everyday emails keep coming in and overwhelm the recipient each time giving you the sense of being bombarded.

The best option is to refrain from opening every email you receive immediately. Therefore don’t allow the arrival of each email to interrupt the performance of the task you are focused on. Otherwise, chances are that you’ll keep reading emails repeatedly and will have to go back again and again t what you were already doing before.

3-      Each morning before you even start the day take at least 10 minutes to mentally prioritise your workload but do remember to maintain a flexible attitude.

This is so that you may handle urgent unexpected tasks at any time. Do not stop what you have planned to do unless it becomes really necessary.

Abstain from the constant revision of projects through the day trying to select which one you should target. The same way before you leave for the day, try and keep your office desk clean and tidy for the next day.

4-      There is a calendar on your computer so use it to prioritise your work.

Use a list on a project to discriminate each step you need to take. Do remember that it’s best to avoid becoming addicted to building lists when you should really focus on work performance as that would be wholly counter productive.

5-      Avoid distractions at every level.

Whether that means having people walking around you and your desk, past your office door or constantly badgering you…do try to block it out of your system and remain focused on the task at hand.

6-      Do not multi-task.

Instead of being an octopus try and complete successfully one task at a time giving each one your full attention.

This way you avoid committing silly mistakes and going around in circles wasting valuable time that could have been far better used somewhere else.