Recently studies have revealed that workplace happiness can definitely feed the wellbeing of employees and the prosperity of businesses.

These are some of the ways to gain a positive attitude in the workplace and achieve more:

1- Focus on your strong skills and what you are really talented at.

Stop being too self critical about your own personal faults and focusing on your workplace weaknesses.

It sure helps if you call upon each working day something you can in fact master.

Instead of punishing yourself over a goal you did not achieve try to focus on your successes and future projects.

2- Practice taking baby steps.

It is good and healthy to be ambitious but try to be realistic and set the bar a little lower.

Long term goals can take a while to achieve and be quite challenging, therefore maintain an agenda of short term goals.

These will be gradually incremented and easier to reach whilst also giving you a reason to celebrate your personal trophies thus boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

3- Eliminate the negative and look for the positive aspects in your co-workers.

Try using positive psychology in the workplace in a way that enables you to avoid tension, confrontations and friction.

Acknowledge the qualities and value the colleagues who inspire, motivate and admire you.

4- Have you ever considered mentoring?

If you have never tried being altruistic and generous by soul then you shall never understand how good it feels to give something away whilst expecting absolutely nothing in return.

The satisfaction of selfless acts can create a sense of inner balance and wellbeing that are difficult to comprehend until you tried it yourself.

Therefore try mentoring as it will bring benefits to both parties involved and make you feel even more committed and confident.

5- Show appreciation.

Showing mutual respect and gratitude in the workplace can really boost the staff morale and lift the spirit of co-workers.

Next time you are in a group meeting show real appreciation for a colleague’s efforts, demonstrate genuinely that you value that person’s opinion.

The same way, when someone covers you while you are sick or away on holidays just show gratitude towards their contribution.