Success is always sought after by everyone these days and usually comes with a price.

Something is always bound to be sacrificed. Women often mention the glass ceiling, a lack of adequate support and guidance.

However difficult the scenario, those accomplished women who have in fact achieved that privilege in their own fields share the following elements amongst themselves:


1- They are very organized-

In order to be efficient in general they must be organized both at home and at work.

They pre-set their own agenda, organize the daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

They estimate the time it will take in order to complete them and thus multitask successfully.

How many people usually do this as a personal habit and lifestyle? Most people I know live in chaos, embrace it and expect things to work out in the end and just go with the flow!


2- They manage their own emotions-

Even though women famously tend to be more emotional than men these women do find a proper place and time for their own emotional display.

Nevertheless in business the best is to keep deep thoughts and emotions to oneself!


3- They are supremely confident-

Paramount to great achievers is the need for internal self-belief.

They simply look the part, talk and act confident. They speak with authority and self-assurance.

So when you face the world out there exude confidence.


4- They help others-

The real women who influence the contemporary world regularly go out of their way to contribute to someone else’s life, on top of paving the way for themselves.

Yes, exactly the extreme opposite of bitching, infighting and bickering…most people see women doing out there. They represent role models for the younger generation.


5- They have great self awareness-

In addition to already fulfilling their caring roles as mothers, wives and daughters, they take good care of themselves mentally and physically.

In reality it is just common sense that you can only improve your professional performance once you take good personal care and nurture yourself.

If you look good and feel good then you will ultimately do good.


6- Focus on their own strengths-

Contrary to the usual female tendency of constant self criticism and insecurities, these women boost their own qualities to up the game.

They actually work on their imperfections, acknowledge mistakes and focus on what they do best.