Autumn is already here and Christmas is just around the corner to cheer and stress you over! As days are getting increasingly shorter and colder, obviously people will eventually start feeling a bit low both mentally and physically…however things don’t really have to be like that.

-Exercise is vital and can be done indoors and outdoors. Think more in terms of “green gym” as the relaxing green surroundings will help to improve your stamina and self-esteem. The simple act of getting on your furry boots for a nice brisk walk, a cosy hat and a warm scarf can make wonders for you.

-Natural daylight helps to maintain your inner balance and feel good mood. Stop being an office squirrel and get out there during your lunch break! You could also buy or borrow a nice lightbox.

-It is important to include in your diet protein as it will help you maintain a positive mood. Try having at least 1g per each kg of our body weight or better still, the slice of the meat or fish piece you intend to consume should cover the length of the palm of your hand.

-Increase your intake of vitamin D by spending more time outside. You may try walking instead of taking the bus, let your dog take you for a nice walk and make you feel like a puppy on a sunny day or just take supplements to top up your (hopefully) balanced diet.

-Omega 3 fatty acids from oily fish are also vital to produce a positive impact on your mood. You may choose between mackerel, sardines, herring, anchovies, salmon, trout and pilchards…the choice is yours.

-The supplement 5-HTP has also proven to have a considerable improval in raising your spirits. You can start with a low dosage (50mg) and then take it higher (300mg) gradually. However do consult your medical professional first.

If nothing else really works then just take a good look in the mirror and remind yourself of all the things you have accomplished and you should be proud of!