1-Wake up a few minutes earlier

Getting up can be quite challenging now that summer is definitely over and winter is slowly settling in.

However, your mornings could become much easier if you decide to set the alarm at least 15 minutes before you are due to get up.

This will leave enough time for your mind and body to kick off making it less of a pain to actually leave your bed.


2-Make a happy list

Avoid ruminating on the negative elements that affect your life.

 Instead try to regularly focus on what raises your spirit and makes you feel good.

Each day celebrate all the good things that have happened to you and made you feel happy.

Whenever you are just about to feel sad and low try to visit your memory bank and relive intensely those (once distant) cheerful moments, however brief they may be. 

I am sure this will help you feel energized almost immediately.


3-Sweat it out

The fresh outdoor atmosphere is absolutely great for de-toxing, therefore step out for a quick jog, feed the birds, chase the squirrels, walk the dog (get one as pets are great to boost your emotional and psychological wellbeing!) or dance at home thinking nobody else is watching you.


4-Have a good bath

Stop taking a quick shower in the early hours worrying constantly about your next appointments and the rush hour.

Instead, wait till the end of the day to have a brilliant, luxurious, decadent bubble bath and enjoy your playtime in the water. 

Take this opportunity to awake and explore the inner child in you. Lose track of time!!!


5- Prioritise your tasks

Your days can be extremely busy and you may feel even overwhelmed by all the tasks to be completed. In this scenario it will become indispensable to assert your priorities. You can start by doing the most important ones firstly and then moving on to the remaining ones.

 Just don’t forget to tick the box after completing each one as the gesture alone will enable you to feel more of an achiever.