There is happiness when each moment of your life is used in a worthwhile way.

Happiness is itself such a nourishment that it becomes greatly empowering.

It makes difficult things easy and heavy things light and is a great act of charity.

Once you are happy no matter what happens next, never let your happiness go.

1- Be still

Learn to sit quietly, listen to your breathing and meet yourself in stillness.

With practice and time peace will come to you and sit beside you.

2- Live simply

Learn to live and move around with a pure mind and heart. Simplicity means taking only what you need from the Earth and from life itself. Remember that the person who always covets more is never happy.

3- Stay light

Stay in the present moment and put an end to past worries in an instant.

When you decide to live with lightness in your thoughts and your actions, then others can see your inner shine.

4- Live now

Enjoy living in the present moment.

Forget the negativity, waste and regrets of the past.

Positivity and focus are the first steps to peace.

5- Give freely

From what you have just learn to give generously.

Sharing your gifts with others without counting the costs, guarantees you will receive even more in the future.

What goes around does come around!

6- Practise compassion

Find forgiveness…first with yourself then with others.

Learn that forgiveness showers blessings in all directions.

In forgiving others we are forgiven and healed.

7- Always give thanks

Be grateful for all that you have been given in life.

Gratitude gives value to what you possess and increases your joy in all things.

8- Befriend silence

Make a friend of quietness.

Turn your thoughts inwards to your innermost self.

Silence invites reflection and goodness into your heart and mind.

9- Create happiness

Make up your mind to be happy and you will achieve it.

Nurture kindness and humanity in your thoughts, emotions and actions as a daily existence routine.

Ultimately you are what you think, say and do!

10-   Serve others

Enjoy being of service to a higher purpose.

Thinking and acting for ourselves alone brings only shallow rewards as egocentric people know very well.

However, serving others creates a deep well of contentment, pride and contribution towards a higher goal.

11-   Peace

Peace is inner silence.  It consists of positive thoughts, pure feelings and good wishes.

To have peace you need patience, quiet and persistence.

When you are peaceful, you create an atmosphere of quietude.

Peace in the world can only be realized when there is peace in the mind of each human being and you are one of them