I am finalising this 3 part topic by approaching the equal opportunities side of it (one could call it!).

If you happen to belong to any BME group only too often you will be asked what is your relationship with the people and the country (being represented by the cultural centre) by some of the regular visitors.  Sadly, those who ask such questions of course usually never demand such answers from the white skinned visitors…absolutely not!

That is when you will really open you eyes, take a good look around and notice that you are probably one of the maybe three (if you are indeed lucky!) BME individuals present at the event in a fully packed room of Europeans and Anglo Saxons.

The participation and attendance levels of BME individuals in the cosmopolitan’s cultural centres unfortunately is very low. The way things are, the scenario do not look that bright in the near future either.

Traditionally, as if by ritual, each BME group prefers to organise culturally inspired events closely related to their home nations. That is how you manage to witness community events taking place in their local areas thus attracting mostly members of their own communities.

Yes, indeed! Such is the reality of multiculturalism in the capital. A brave friend of mine who dares to “intrude” and “infiltrate” events taking place inside the capital’s cultural events has blatantly confessed to me that too often he is asked to justify his presence there.  The perpetrators of such behaviour genuinely find that attitude acceptable and perfectly normal too!

That is on top of being made to feel awkward, uncomfortable and undesirable just for being in the same space as the rest of the visitors.

Clearly it is all supposed to be about the discovery, engagement, appreciation and respect of cultures (regardless of its origins), however it seems that some people feel they have more entitlement to cultural experiences than others.

I hope this three part saga has not put anybody off, but instead informed you about the real facts of what goes on in this big jungle. Now that you have been thoroughly warned I honestly encourage you to go out and explore these places, navigate the minefields and please…make your mark!