The London cultural centres are not all the same. In fact the levels of warmth, hospitality and cordiality vary according to each nation’s view of welcoming “the other”.

However, one thing they all share is a remarkable phenomenon that I have noticed in the recent times: a strong presence of a specific group of OAPs  (who have taken over a student group organized on Facebook) attending the events regularly.

While one could assume innocently that these senior individuals would be regular law abiding, darling grandparents and respectful citizens…..upon closer examination of their behavior, one could easily conclude that they are nothing but sinister sexual predators, divorced, childless and leading rather boring, empty lives in their retired existence.

This is only made clearer when, after arriving together as a pack of wolves, they suddenly disperse amongst the crowd and unashamedly start their hunt! They target the single young females attending the cultural programmes on their own, rudely strive to impose themselves and extract personal contact details.

Just in case you are wondering these guys are not sexy 60s at all… quite the opposite, they are repulsive, grotesque, uninteresting, penniless and look desperate….to “get it” for free!

To make matters worse, on too many occasions they have taken hostage a well served table of food and drinks only to release it once they had practically exterminated everything that was on offer…!

Unashamedly, these rather disgraceful oldies have already been banished and excluded from several public places in the capital and consequently earned themselves a widespread notorious reputation. That I learned from a reliable source!

Yet, the London cultural centres, which form (by the way, for those who do not know) an extension of central government from their respective nations, persist in their abnormal inertia. Therefore, disappointingly they do not refuse the right of admittance to such unpleasant geriatric characters.

Nope, they turn a blind eye and refuse to enforce the rules of civilized and dignified comportment. In the end, it is up to the visitors to handle them and the eventual disturbance that they cause on a personal level.

Sometimes I do wonder, if the cultural centres have any idea of how badly this damages their nation’s image and how badly it reflects upon themselves to welcome such rogues into their premises.

After all, one should think that cultural centres do hold a sense of responsibility towards its visitors and exerting quality control not only over the cultural events that take place but also over the members of the public seems more than urgent these days.