Do any of you know the cultural centres available around London at all? I do. For your information there are loads out there! I have been to not one or two but several in the past few years. In fact, I did the whole circuit!

Whilst in the beginning there was the overall buzz of discovery, soaking in the atmosphere and excitement of exploring a brand new type of experience to me, pretty soon all my personal expectations were shattered.

male hand pressing culture key button

Disappointingly, instead of finding well mannered, cultured and sophisticated individuals…all that I came across (except for a handful of very exceptional cases) was a sad bunch of posers with pathetic lives, desperate to look interesting for the rest of the world, having everything else in mind except for, of course, culture!

Hold on, don’t panic! I can and will expand on this just for your amusement. In fact, that is the reason why this piece is split in three parts.

Regularly I observed candidly that the people who frequent such places cannot even maintain an intelligent conversation nor are they remotely interested in the scheduled calendar’s cultural events.

Instead, what motivates their presence there is what follows the vast majority of the events, e.g. the reception and networking session.

Dinner is served

Indeed, London’s cultural centres are well organised and structured places, the staff is well trained and everything on display is carefully presented to the visitors. Maybe that is why they attract such a shocking gathering of resourceful and dynamic scavengers foraging for free food, drink and sex!

Too many of them are also there just to stand next to you and listen to the conversations you hold with someone else just to extract valuable information out of you and pester you afterwards for your contact details in a rather nasty way. Never mind good manners and basic decency!

I have also witnesses a few others who upon approaching a completely new person to them, insist in bothering with intrusive personal questions, indiscrete interrogations (Spanish Inquisition, anyone?!) about one’s entire family history and personal background…whilst giving nothing back in return. No comments…

Boss with employee

By the way (in case you are ruminating over this) these individuals do not work for the cultural bodies in any way, shape or form. Nope, they are in fact just visitors like everybody else, but with a massive ego, obnoxious attitude and unpleasant presence.