These days working conditions have deteriorated in general and people are struggling to get by each day in the office.  In fact, with most people walking around with a stab on their backs, it is a genuine fight for survival!

Now a US study revealed that the simple fact of worrying too much about hostility, guerrilla tactics and sabotage will eventually trigger more of it around you. How scary is that?!

 As a habit, those people who are constantly scanning for toxic gossip, back stabbing or rejection in the workplace will selectively find specifics confirming their anxieties.

In consequence, looking out for negative info and displaying the wrong attitude reflects your deep personal mindset to other team members thus feeding the likelihood of even more avoidance and damaging personal relationships.

Motivated by clues to discover if someone is out to undermine or harm them will produce a climate of suspicion and negativity around them and actually generate what they would like most to avoid or eliminate.

The worse is that such pattern of comportment is also contagious…it spreads like a virus and before you realize it the atmosphere surrounding you has become unbearable.

It will affect no only your professional life but also your social and family life as the boundaries are so blurred these days. It will make it so much more challenging to build trusting and constructive rapports.

It would be so much better to fill your mind with positive thoughts than thinking constantly that someone is out to destroy you. The thoughts you hold define the person you are and searching selectively for proof of your negative thinking does eventually generate a negative attitude and conduct…and further your own insecurity.

If one is lucky a team of well meaning colleagues will allow you to perform at your best, provide the right support, collaboration and lift your morale. How rare is it to find exactly that today in the workplace?

The best is to ignore such negative remarks and not let it get to you and never take anything personal. Wherever one goes there will always be a bad apple, however feeding the negative spiraling cycle won’t help at all.