How many hours did you actually spend sitting yesterday, or last week, last month or last year?
Have you no idea? Don’t worry…you are definitely not the only one.

Today’s cosmopolitan lifestyle and working culture means spending a monumental amount of time just sitting. The urban population does just that….sits at home, in public transports, in education and at work.

The working culture these days forces people to internalise the idea that being glued to the desk is indeed a sign of productivity, dedication, loyalty and commitment.

Now U.S. scientists have proved that sitting for extensive periods of time can on a long term basis lead to developing diabetes, cancer, hear disease and stroke. To make things even scarier, the risk factor is pretty similar to that of premature death, smoking and obesity.

Remember that very few professionals nurture healthy habits in the office like getting up once in a while to stretch the legs, maintain a healthy diet, have a non caffeine drink, no junk food, sugary nor salty snacks or even distract the brain for 5 minutes.

The bottom line is that the human body was not created to stand still for long periods of time for it requires movement from the muscles, other wise it generates muscle rigidity. As for the brain, it does need to switch off once in a while to re-boost its own batteries.

How many of today’s companies have a specific Health and Safety department? Almost every big corporation has that, most of the time just to avoid being sued. However, how many organisations out there actively promote the health and wellbeing of their staff? Not many, I can assure you. That should be undertaken as your own personal responsibility.

Sitting for too long is not natural and causes significant metabolic changes, more fat is deposited on your waist, the good cholesterol goes down, the blood pressure increases along with your glucose.
By the way, even the doctor’s recommendation of 30 minutes of exercise a day is not enough to overcome this problem.

Therefore do not hesitate to have a break regularly just to be human and just disregard what the others may say about you behind your back.