Every job these days is pressurised and stressful. Things have gotten even worse since the beginning of recession. In fact, for every 5 redundancies there will be 1 single person to cover all those duties and responsibilities on his own.

Stress can be stimulating at times but too much stress for too long can have devastating effects on your body system. It has now been proved that stressful jobs alter the normal internal working of the human body, sometimes leading to increased storages of fat, raised cholesterol and even heart disease.

However there is still hope to fight this evil phenomenon of modern life:

  • Become physically more active. When you leave the office, don’t hit the bar…instead, go to the gym. It’s even better if you go outdoors and enjoy nature’s green.
  • Take control of those things that can really be controllable and accept that other things in life simply will never change.
  • Stay in touch with people. When you share your worries with caring trusted people in a safe environment you shall notice that the distress and anxiety will reduce. You even feel lighter afterwards.
  • Take time off just for yourself and indulge in things you genuinely love doing. Occasionally it’s good to switch off from everything and stay in your own bubble for while.
  • Set yourself new personal goals. This will help you to challenge yourself and push you to the next level. Step outside your comfort zone and try doing new activities and hobbies. In the end your batteries will be re-charged and your confidence boosted.
  • Drop the caffeine, alcohol and smoking habits altogether. Just remember to do it gradually in a carefully managed process to avoid relapses. The combination of these 3 in a stressful lifestyle only brings toxic consequences.
  • Try volunteering even for a short while. It’s actually good to do good for others even when you’re not being paid. Spiritually and emotionally you will feel better than if you had just received a present from somebody else. Changing scenarios and stepping into a different workplace in another industry and mixing with other type of people can do wonders for your morale.
  • Practice good time management skills so that you make better use of your quality time and have more freedom to enjoy doing what you do.
  • Cultivate a positive attitude and optimistic mind set in life. Try smiling every time you wake up in the morning. It does help, especially during glorious summer weather.