We all know the story about highly confidential files being left by government officials inside Waterloo train carriages and other files being dropped inside public park rubbish bins in London.

How far do people these days trust their personal information to be collected online and held by information security bodies?

In a study carried out recently regarding consumer attitudes to online data security, around 25% of people stated that they did not trust any organisation with their personal data online.

65% of the 1000 UK consumers surveyed in fact entrusted banks with their personal data online, but only 36% put their trust in online retailers, 34% trusted in insurance companies and only 24% trusted their supermarkets.

This result is astounding if you realise that 79% bank online and half of those actually sort out their grocery shopping regularly online, at least once a week.

Where do you stand on this issue? Are you one of those 46% who also get frustrated by all the security questions when buying products or services on line? Are you one of the 39% who interrupted a transaction on line because you were being asked far too many intrusive personal questions?