These days, people seem to be overwhelmed and overload with so much information to digest that is bombarded by the media, the workplace and the rest of society.

Their brains seem to be constantly responding to external stimuli one way or the other, with no way to escape. Therefore it is vital to find the time to simply switch off and relax.

According to a study carried out by Npower the average UK worker receives and sends roughly 10.000 emails a year, while 1 in 10 spends the full working day glued to a computer or mobile phone.

Electronic devices altered people’s professional lives to an extent that people have become technology junkies in the past 60 years.

A research piece produced by Warwick Business School brought to light the fact that 1 in 5 UK workers don’t use a pen on paper anymore and roughly a quarter cannot remember how office life used to be before the age of email.

In the current days, people send and receive 40 emails per day, while 1 in 12 report 100 plus daily emails.

The tragedy of this scenario is that at the same time what used to be regarded as normal and traditional methods of communication are becoming now obsolete and being forgotten completely.

People now give preference to phone calls and emails at work and rarely post a letter.

Just ask yourself, when was the last time you actually sent out a professional letter?

Obviously this affects the natural development of the brain and the internal mental paths. The dire consequences may only be found in the future with further in depth studies.

Nevertheless, nature has already shown that the connection between hand, brain and pen is simply too important to be ignored.