Feeling tired at times is a normal part of being human. However, if you are constantly feeling tired then you should see your doctor as you gradually notice some alarming body symptoms. In the meanwhile, there are few things you can do to alleviate the problem:

Reduce stress

These days there is no job without pressure or stress, unfortunately both drain energy levels out of you. Avoiding stressful situations, unnecessary confrontations and tension does help to keep things under control to an extent. However you can never expect to control the behaviour of others.

Introducing healthy activities into your day such as exercising (outdoors is better), listening to soothing music, reading and spending quality time with family members and friends helps to slow down a lot.

Discuss your problems with safe people and trusted friends

Generally people with a strong and effective social support network never resource to a therapist.

In consequence, invest your valuable time in discussing pressing personal issues with trusted friends and family members you can count on.

If that is a luxury you do not possess then do make an appointment to see your GP and request special counselling sessions.

Eliminate caffeine

Reducing the consumption of caffeine is not something that is easy to do because most people just get sucked into the addiction.

Start reducing the caffeine drinks slowly day by day for a period of roughly 3 weeks to see how you handle things and then try a dry whole month and check how your body copes. Chances are you will find yourself having constant headaches, in that case just take this process at an even slower pace but do not give up!

Consume less alcohol

Most people relax with a glass of wine after work or in social occasions without realising that the same alcohol will affect the quality of the night sleep. Not surprisingly they will wake up the next day feeling simply exhausted and run down.

In general, men should aim for 3-4 units per day while women should limit themselves to 2-3 per day.

Drink more water

Water is so readily available everywhere and free yet people so often forget to consume it.

A busy lifestyle means generally people skip meals and forget to drink as much as they should and the body needs.

Exhaustion can also be caused by dehydration but it is so much safer to drink regularly instead of waiting to actually feel thirsty.