Below is a list of extremely important foods that people could introduce in their daily nutrition and lifestyle.

If you combine these elements with the practice of regular exercise you will surely notice a boost in your energy levels and stamina.


They are rich in omega 3 and help reduce cholesterol levels thus contributing to maintaining healthy hearts. They contain fibre, protein, folic acid, vitamin B6, magnesium and phosphorus.            


These fruits are a powerful antioxidant. Indeed, very good for keeping a healthy heart, skin and eyes. They also form a good source of iron and fibre.


These seeds are very good in maintaining a healthy digestive system and also help to regulate hormone levels. These contain a high level of fibre, magnesium and  lignans.


They are very rich in fibre, protein, riboflavin, biotin, magnesium, calcium and vitamin E.

These may help in weight loss as they suppress appetite and lower bad cholesterol.


As they contain natural sugars they help balance sugar levels in the blood so that cravings are prevented. They are good source of iron as well as calcium and magnesium which combined keep the muscles relaxed.


They are rich in fibre and help in maintaining healthy bowels.


The seeds are packed with zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, iron.


They are very rich in magnesium which is vital for good bone health, normal nerve and muscle function. They are also packed with phosphorus, antioxidants, selenium and vitamin E.


They are a powerful source of vitamin E and selenium. The latter being crucial for the immune system, thyroid hormone metabolism and reproduction.


The lovely nuts possess a high level of phosphorus and magnesium, which help in maintaining a good bone structure. They contribute to reducing the cholesterol levels in the blood when combined with a balanced diet.