I saw this some where  before and I think it is just so beautiful that it needs to be shared.


–          Appreciate what you have.

–          Look after your health.

–          Treat others as you would have them treat you.

–          Protect your family.

–          Don’t commit adultery.

–          Look after the vulnerable.

–          Respect your mother and father.

–          Be true to your own God

–          Try your best at all times.

–          Protect and nurture children.

–          Don’t steal.

–          Live within your means.

–          Protect the environment.

–          Never be violent.

–          Be true to yourself.

–          Do nothing in excess.

–          Take responsibility for your own actions.

–          Be honest.

–          Do not kill.

And the very last….

–          Enjoy life.

Maybe if each one of us could do at least one of those items on the list then we could all see the change we wish to see in the world today!