Smartphones are being growingly used to search, shop, keep people entertained and help look for local info…thus creating the information opportunities for marketers to reach out to the constantly plugged in consumers.

Just look at these recent stats:

51% of the population owns a smartphone.

53% people search on them daily.

82% is the average mobile minutes spent with apps.

85% people plugged in look for local data on their smartphone.

81% of those take immediate action as a result.

59% visit the businesses either in store or online soon after a local search.

59% only look at the first page of search results on their phone.

84% do notice mobile advertisements.

56% search as a result of seeing an off line ad ( tv, magazine, billboard).

95% research a product or service on their smartphone.

31% actually make purchases on their smartphone.

17% change their minds about buying a product while in store as a result of researching  on their smartphone.

55% use their smartphone while watching tv.

80% use their smartphone while consuming other media, on top of that.

43% use their smartphone while listening to music.

The end result of this behaviour fuels studies of personal lifestyle and shopping habits that can be manipulated in order to generate profits to worldwide companies.

Therefore be careful next time you use technology to manage your personal life.

You may think that you are acting out of personal initiative or motivation but in fact your behaviour could have been influenced by something else less evident than you think.