Employers in the UK should not be surprised or shocked by nationally grown graduates who can’t read, spell or count properly.
Every single one of these employers should stop complaining for the system (to which they belong) created this whole mess!

After all, British jobs are meant to be for British people at any cost, isn’t it?
Especially since the beginning of the recession, all foreigners are seen as a threat!
“All these bloody foreigners are invading the country! “
That is the common notion out there. The foreign labour force is increasingly becoming the scapegoat. How many times have I heard that behind my back?
The fact is that the native population is only getting older and not breeding fast enough. There is a demographic need for the incoming foreign bred workforce.

In the meanwhile, the UK’s educational standards have deeply plummeted (look at the OECD annual reports), currently parents do not criticise their children’s own poor results as this will dent their self esteem as well as personal confidence, while teachers are told to put their student’s learning achievement levels down in order to attain the school’s annual targets.
To a selected few, sending in the children to study in the USA academia is already the new social status symbol.

Altogether, the nation remains completed deluded and lagging far behind the most developed countries in the world. Somehow this country has managed to create a two-tier job market system whereby in the inner circle lie the hidden vacancies (to the rest of the common public) only shared amongst the close knit networks, relying not on meritocracy but instead on personal recommendations, family connections and social status.

This is ruthlessly effective in limiting the general public’s access to real options and practical opportunities that could otherwise become openly available out there.
The people who are indeed recruited are not necessarily the human capital that the companies and organisations could need, use or value in the future.
In the end, their evident lack of skills as well as talent are clearly reflected in their pitiful performance and consequently UK PLC is in sharp decline.
At the same time, for many professionals out there personal image, ego and self-confidence (or arrogance) mean absolutely everything. Talk about living in denial !?

This is not the portrait of an advanced knowledge based society that nurtures talent, skills, technical ability or knowledge at all.
In fact, it only breads mediocrity, egomaniac warlords and deluded professionals who drag the whole economy down!

Simultaneously, the rest of the less connected and less privileged members of society fill endless application forms, send emails, cover letters and ring companies hoping that somewhere an employer may value an individual with genuine ability, skills, qualifications and raw talent…but still getting no results.

This is why Cameron formally stated that a vast contingent of multi-lingual, highly skilled and qualified workforce formed mostly by BME people and foreign labour force are currently seen around London and the rest of the country wasting their human capital by performing low paid jobs (that British people rejected in the first place) in precarious and degrading conditions (contemporary slavery rings a bell?) after being consistently denied a chance of proving themselves or even holding a professional job at the level of their personal qualifications.
Instead, all these individuals could be contributing positively towards the growth of the national economy and feeding the national progress!!

In the end, this affects the overall wellbeing of the nation’s economy and the rest of society as well as generating a lack of social cohesion, overall integration and stability in the social fabric.

There are no coincidences here… these unfortunate individuals have been pushed towards this form of underemployment not because of a lack of personal initiative or effort but due to a general lack of transparent recruitment processes, lack of real and visible options as well as available opportunities.
These members of society are simply not “in the know” as they are pushed to the brink by various external forces, yet somehow they must survive and pay the bills

This brings us to the issue of equal opportunities in society.
Equal opportunity policies should be measured in terms of practical results deriving from transparent recruitment, corporate professional progress and retention of staff… not just following empty formal procedures as the internal policies currently in place are not even practiced and lip service can only take you so far!
What is the national average recruitment rate of BME individuals in the UK PLC? Maybe 5 – 8%? Or has it actually gone down recently?!

Employers in the UK should think twice before making an executive decision and reconsider where and how they recruit the workforce.
Their existent “pool of human resources” is increasingly getting smaller, saturated and all mighty mediocre!

This also carries other serious consequences…social mobility does not happen in this country.
In fact the, UK has got the worse record in the western world for the general lack of social mobility and things have been operating like this for centuries.

Education, education, education in this context does not guarantee a general amelioration in one’s quality of life but it sure does fulfil a personal need.
For example, most BME graduates in the UK leave university without having any real and practical preparation whatsoever to face the professional world. Their lack of professional progression also leaves much to be desired as well.

One could say that the current “status quo” is a product of a centuries old tradition.
An imperial golden time when a few highly powerful and privileged (business owning) families ruled the majority of resources in the world and of course that practice also affected everything else.