Recently TimeOut magazine published an article regarding a pop band who are in the process on launching a new festival and alongside the body of the article it is possible to find a huge, long, extensive list of all the festivals happening in the UK this summer.

The list is quite substantial and offers a wide range of options according to individual tastes all across the country. The journalist seems to imply that there are simply too many festivals going on in summer and that may cause saturation.

How is it possible for anybody to exclaim that there are too many festivals in the first place? I am shocked by the level of pompousness and arrogance here !

This is a country where people can actually take part in FREE festivals in the open air with high quality performances from worldwide artists! How many countries in Europe and in the world can offer that? Greece, Spain, Portugal and North Cyprus are in deep crisis and their populations are close to the socio-economic brink!!

Since the beginning of recession so many families in the UK have lost their homes, livelihoods, social lives and dignity.

It is about time people gain perspective of things and appreciate what they have and hold dear.

By all means do go out and enjoy whatever activities you wish! This is a free world!!

For example, Londoners pay a heavy amount of tax, so at least it is fair enough the population get to receive something back.

It’s terrible when people take everything for granted and do not appreciate fully what is on offer to them.